So, a little bit about me. I began my journey with photography and design from an early age. I remember getting my first film camera, a little Holga Micro 110. It was certainly basic but the fact that I was able to produce images from this tiny thing fascinated me. My interest waned a little as I got older but it’s still funny to think that I can remember every camera I ever had and still cherish so many of those images.

Following a few years flying as cabin crew my interest was reignited as I began to travel to all these interesting destinations. My parents bought me a great little APS camera (yes, still film!) for my 21st and off I went again experimenting with the APS systems and pushing the camera to its limits whenever I could.

In 2010 I finally gave in and went back to college. After a year I gained my first certification and began working for myself, continuing to study while frantically trying to grow my new Slough based business. After another two years of study I achieved my final qualification and my business grew and we added the design arm.

Along with my able assistants we now cover a variety of genres including weddings, events, portraiture and commercial photography covering and in early 2014 I was invited to return to my college as a sessional lecturer.

While it’s a lot to juggle I never have a boring day. I love my job whether it be on a shoot, teaching in a classroom or designing marketing material. Nothing excites me more.

For photographic services we now serve Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead as well as the rest of Berkshire, West London and beyond. For design services we have clients across the country. If you’d like to learn more why not check out my work from the menu.